XVS vSLAM 3D Scanner

New generation photogrammetry

The system uses a technology based on the integration of high-resolution images, inertial systems and a complex algorithm: capturing a scenario with XVS, 3D model will be generated through photogrammetric techniques.

Walking and capturing the scene in motion, a real-time interface will guide you in the data collection, suggesting the speed of your movement and if necessary returning to an area to have enough image overlapping.

Thanks to Visual SLAM system (Simultaneous localization and mapping), your trajectory is displayed in real-time on a tablet. The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor helps the algorithm to generate a continuous image block. The best result will be obtained automatically. Back in the office, the procedure to generate the 3D model is fully automatic, through a desktop PC.

Data coming from XVS can be integrated with video from UAV drone or any camera for a complete reconstruction of the area.

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